About Us:Beloved Yard

It all started with a vision: a supply chain for yard products that is efficient, transparent, and most importantly, reliable. At Beloved Yard, we believe every product tells a story, and our mission is to make sure our products are reliable.

Beloved Yard is now connecting suppliers and buyers around the world. Our platform provides a seamless way to customize and co-create patio products while also providing OEM and ODM services for businesses large and small.

Headquartered on the shores of beautiful Taihu Lake in China, Beloved Yard is where ideas are born, connections are made and business grows. We bring together the best minds to create something truly special.

Our team is our greatest asset. Our team is made up of experts in their fields, with diverse skills and backgrounds, and a passion for creating a better garden life for businesses and consumers. We believe in transparency, fairness, and most importantly, trust.

At Beloved Yard, we know that success isn't just about the end product, it's about the journey it takes to get there. That’s why we built a platform that emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and most importantly, reliability.

As we continue to grow and expand our business scope, we remain committed to our original vision: to build a safe and reliable supply chain for yard products, supporting customization and OEM/ODM services.

Join hands with Beloved Yard to build a secure and reliable supply chain for yard products.

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